Armed Gears
Armed Gear is a type of a weapon that appears along with the relics.

General Information

Armed Gear is a weapon that is equipped along with its relic but unknown reason the armed gear and the armor gear was split

Type Armed Gear

  • Ame no Habakiri focuses its weaponry on blades. Its primary and normal form is a pair of Katanas but capable of transforming into other weapons like daggers or swords, it depend on the attacks.
  • Ichaival focuses its weaponry on long range, wide area weapons. Its primary and normal form is a pair of Crossbows.
  • Igalima focuses its weaponry on green scythe capable of transforming into exotic edged weapons, which in its inactive form instead resembles a sickle. In addition to this, Igalima's four shoulder pauldrons can be used as rockets or grappling hooks.
  • Shul Shagana focuses its weaponry on buzz-like saws. Its armed gear unusual in that it is not hand-carried, but rather consists of buzz saw discs of varying sizes hidden in the rabbit ear-like compartments on the user's head. In addition to this, the armor boots each contain a buzz saw-like wheel which she can use as roller blades
  • Gungnir focuses its weaponry on spears.

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