B-Daman Firemerge
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General Information
Kanji クロスファイト ビダマン EC
Romaji Kurosu fuaito bidaman ishi
Dubbed B-Daman Firemerge
Genre Action-Adventure, Comedy
Author RuriasLorelei
Illustrator RuriasLorelei
Chapters 26
Published on April 14th 2015
Published by RuriasLorelei
Preceded B-Daman Fireblast

B-Daman Firemerge is a fan-made story or fan fiction made by RuriasLorelei, it happen after the Phoenix Grand Prix.


The story took part in a new place called Chrome City, is a very popular place in global. Even a popular place, they have their own history and ancient ruins. They were said they didn't response to the WBMA's call for exchanging information so it full of mysteries.

After the Phoenix Grand Prix, there's a strange thing happened. In the city, there's eleven ruins which they called "Dragon Ruins". They are located everywhere in the city. Deep inside the ruins, there's a element like statue representing a dragon and it is located in every ruins. After the Grand Prix, the elements are shining and letting out a strange sound and waveform. The WBMA received the strange waveform, so they are planning to have a Exhibition Tournament in Chrome City to negotiate with the Symphony Company who are the one ruled over Chrome City.

Riki and his friends (include Es 's characters too) participant in the tournament, when they are lost in the city before the tournament starts they met a mysteries girl and she helps Riki them to the battle arena. When Riki was going to thank her, the girl suddenly disappears and appears in the battle arena briefly which cause Riki thinks he's seeing thing.

After that is just the very happening of everything that will happened to Riki them.

List of Chapters

Story Arcs

The Dragon Wielders Dark Diamond Dragon Arrival of the Black Dragon White Dragon of Destruction Glory of Legendary Dragons

First Arc : The Dragon Wielders

No. Title Airdate
EC001 The First Beginning 14th April 2015
EC002 Mysteries Girl, Rinne Utau 14th April 2015
EC003 A New Black Dragon? Meet the band, More-Than-True (Part 1) 14th April 2015
EC004 Eh?! They're Siblings?! The Cross Fight Tournament (Part 2) 14th April 2015
EC005 Chrome City! Here we come! To the Dragon Ruin 14th April 2015
EC006 The White Jade Dragon, White Wavern! 14th April 2015
EC007 The Legendary Eleven Dragons Tales in Chrome City 14th April 2015

Second Arc : Dark Diamond Dragon

No. Title Airdate
EC008 Eh?! They're Enemies 27th April 2015
EC009 A New Mysteries Enemy 30th April 2015
EC010 BLACK DIAMOND 30th April 2015
EC011 The Truth Revealed 4th May 2015
EC012 RIN SHIROTAMA 10th May 2015

Third Arc : Arrival of the Black Dragon

No. Title Airdate
EC013 A New Friend? or Enemy? Millay Shirley Appears 11th May 2015
EC014 Millay and Rinne Clashed 17th May 2015
EC015 Next Time! Rinne 3rd June 2015

Fourth Arc : White Dragon of Destruction

No. Title Airdate
EC016 Awaken! The White Dragon of Destruction June 7th 2015
EC017 The WBMA is under attack?! June 12th 2015
EC018 Sky Feder, The Boss of Western June 21th 2015
EC019 Accept the Dragon Trials June 24th 2015
EC020 Break through! Complete the Dragon Trials June 28th 2015
EC021 A Surprise Attack from Silent Phantom July 2th 2015

Final Arc : Glory of Legendary Dragons

No. Title Airdate
EC022 Silent Attack from the Phantom July 6th 2015
EC023 The Last GP Series Tournament, East GP July 8th 2015
EC024 White Dragons Showdown! July 10th 2015
EC025 Last Chance! Ixion made his Last Strike July 12th 2015
EC026 Final Battle! Create Our Future August 1th 2015