Bakuga Shira
Bakuga Shira
Kanji 不知火 ビャクガ
Romaji Shiranui Byakuga
Dubbed Bakuga Shira
Character Profile
Gender Male ♂
Age 11
Hair Color Platinum-Blonde
Eye Color Gray
Occupation/s B-Shot
Western B-Master
CEO of Shira Corporation
B-Daman Kreis Raydra
Status Alive
Japanese CV Akeno Watanabe

Bakuga Shira is a former antagonist appearing in B-Daman Fireblast. His B-Daman is no less than the White Tiger of the West, Kreis Raydra. He is the B-Master of the Western Area of Crestland, and the hated arch-rival of Ken Ogami.


Shiranui (不知火) - means phosphorescent light.

Byakuga (ビャクガ) - Origin comes from Byakko, the Japanese name for the White Tiger of the West, one of the five Heavenly Beasts of the Wu Xing.


Bakuga is a tall young man with blonde hair and gray eyes. He wears a grey vest with light purple accents over a light blue shirt. The sleeves are rolled up, he also wears beige colored pants and a pair dark red shoes. His face always serious and he rarely smile.


Bakuga is cool-headed, quiet, and reserved of himself. According to Samuru, he's too confidence that very terrifying. Prior to becoming the Western B-Master, he was snobbish, and was friends with Jenta Kokuji.


  • Oddly enough, an image file of Byakuga from the official website for the anime suggests that his name is "Byaliga", resulting from a misunderstanding of how his name is formed.
  • His dubbed name, Bakuga is similar to Bakugan, a creature from another anime series.
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