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Bakuga is the Western B-Master of Crestland along with his b-daman Kreis Raydra.

He's the best friend of the Southern B-Master, Jenta and his b-daman, Dashing Tankshell.

He become the CEO of the Shiranui Corporation in the last episode along Jenta as his assistant.


Before becoming a B-Master, he was the heir of Crestland's prominent Shiranui Corporation, and held a friendship with someone who would become the Northern B-Master; Jenta. However, he and his father was targeted by Jenta's Father, and ended up getting cast out. He was taken off the streets one fateful stormy day by none other than the Grand B-Master, Ryoma Godai himself. After becoming the Western B-Master, he had his memories taken away from him and his heart sealed by Ryoma, to ensure his loyalty. As the Western B-Master of Crestland, Bakuga is highly feared and respected by both his fellow B-Shots and the Master Guardians, due to his incomparable power, lightning-fast reflexes, and pin-point accuracy in battle. At one point, he has dealt a devastating defeat to Ken Ogami in a Road Fight challenge of an unspecified nature.

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