• JentaBakuga

    Jenta helps Bakuga

    Jenta Kokuji
    - Jenta and Bakuga are childhood friends. Eventhough Jenta still follows Roma but in his heart, Jenta always is his best friend.
  • Kamon Day - First things goes out that they were enemies until Episode 15 that Novu planned him to leave the Grand B-Master. Bakuga came to a realization what the White Tiger of the West taught him, so he decided to help Kamon to bring his brother back.
  • Riki Ryugasaki - Bakuga always has an interest in him, that he's the Overall Crossfire Champion. After he and Kamon become friends, he doesn't have a chance to have a direct battle between them until Episode 25.
  • Novu Moru - Bakuga always has an alert on him, Novu want to make Bakuga leave the Grand B-Master and joined force with Kamon. When Kamon and Riki were investigating the next Legendary Beast, the chance for Novu has come for Bakuga to leave the Grand B-Master. After his realization, he and Novu become friends.
  • Derek Watari - Derek is his sidekick while Novu still investigating at the Grand B-Master for more information. Derek also admired for him for a while. At episode 24, Derek wonders which sides should he cheered for.
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