Boss Emperor
Grimoire Heart Mark
General Information
Kanji ボスエムペラア
Romaji Bosu Emuperaa
Dubbed Boss Emperor
Leader N/A
Main Base N, W, S, E of Chrome City
Status Alive

Boss Emperors are the leader who is the head of the gang that he or she is affiliated with.

General Information

Typically, Boss Emperors are very skilled, powerful, has great leadership and often being the Trump card in their gang. Occasionally, they are even can ranked their ranks and form an alliance with other gangs if they defeated them.  As the heads of their own respective gangs, they virtually have complete authority over their subordinates, and can thus dictate their actions. They can give their gang members missions. As such, they are able to excommunicate members of their gangs or even reappoint them as an official member well non of them are happen. They also have the power to decide who the next boss emperor of the gang will be.


  • Most of the Boss emperors are male and adults, but Rinne become one of them when she’s was 6s, Ixion and Miren both in 12s.
  • Boss Emperors' position are almost likely to WBMA or B-Masters.