Character Change with Daichi
Character Change
(In Japanese: Chara Change) is a b-daman who has the ability to grant his or her master special abilities. Once a person Character Changes, something will appear on their bodies as an aspect to the change. Though Character Change is controlled by B-damans, it has happened that the user can burst into a Character Change on his or her own when he or she is exposed to something that provokes his or her personality. In the new season, it was revealed that the b-daman is just a temporary vessel for the Guardian Characters, wish that their owner would realized them however the b-animals in the b-damans will somehow disappeared or in slump but only the b-daman who been possessed by the Guardian Characters.

Known People who can Character Change with B-Daman

Rinne can character change with her b-daman, Aurora Wavern in a new mode called Black Diamond Mode. Rinne character change with Wavern is to record hypnotizing songs that lures those who listen to her Black Diamond CDs, to where she is singing at the same time and then take the data from them. When she character change with Wavern, she can command or control those who listen to her song. Black Diamond Mode is a mode that has mysteries power which is hypnotizing people, but if she used it properly is fine. Whenever Rinne Character Change with Wavern in this mode, a black diamond wearing on her left ear and it often appears when she’s as “Rin”

Millay can character change with her b-daman, Doom Dharak. Millay character change with Dharak, she became aggressive and hot-temper. In her character change, she became a Master Marksmanship Specialist and she can use shooting weapons, example a gun. Whenever character change with Dharak, there will be an ornament with resembles an X appears on her left hair bangs

Known People who can Character Change with Guardian Character

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