Grimoire Heart Mark
General Information
Kanji ガング
Romaji Gangu
Dubbed Gang
Leader N/A
Members Various
Main Base N, W, S, E of Chrome City
Status Alive

Gang is a type of organization in Chrome City that appears in B-Daman Firemerge, their base located everywhere in Eastern, Southern, Western and Northern. The gangs are not been approved by the government and is treated as a criminal organization but some of them has been approved if they change of heart and promise to follow the rules, the only gang that been approved is Sky Feder but unconfirmed.

Known Gang


Carbuncle is a gang in Southern of Chrome City.

Silent Phantom

Silent Phantom is a gang in Eastern of Chrome City.

Sky Feder

Sky Feder is a gang in Western of Chrome City.

Unnamed Gang

Is a unnamed gang that is located unknown in Chrome City.


Carbuncle - Unknown (Possible 1st in Southern)

Sky Feder - 1st in Western

Silent Phantom - 1st in Eastern


  • 6 years ago, there's a kidnapped case happened and the one who behind it was a unnamed gang. The government are still looking for clues to find the criminals but no clues.