God Emperor
Edolas symbol
General Information
Kanji ゴドウエムペラア
Romaji Godou Emuperaa
Dubbed God Emperor
Leader N/A
Members Rin Shirotama
Ixion L.Curtiss
Unnamed Member
Main Base N/A
Status Alive

In the Boss emperors there will be another higher position in them, is God Emperors.

General Information

They are recognized by the ranking and territory that their representative gang seized.They also can excommunicate or reappoint gangs and there are three members and they each seized almost same equal territories of Eastern, Southern, Western and Northern in Chrome City.

Territory Seized

Rin Shirotama

3/3 of Western, 1/3 of Southern, 1/3 of Northern

Ixion L.Curtiss

2/3 of Eastern, 1/3 of Southern

Unnamed Member

2/3 of Northern, 1/3 of Southern, 1/3 of Eastern


  • Following the territory sizes of the God Emperors seized, the unnamed member had seized 4/3 territories of Chrome City, Ixion had the least being 3/3 and Rin had the most, she had seized 5/3 territories of Chrome City. So in the God Emperors, Rin might be the powerful or leader.