General Information
Kanji ガング二イル
Romaji Ganguniiru
Dubbed Gungnir
"Swaying One"
User/s Raine Amou (Former)

Gungnir is the third classified Relic, its user was Raine Amou then disappear after she died even for now Sky Feder are still searching for it.

General Information

Raine Amou

Raine was the first user of Gungnir and probably the first Armed Gear User but somehow, Raine not natural for it. To able to use the gear and of her low natural compatibility with Gungnir, so she use a special drug called LiNKER that developed by the analyzers of Armed Gears to utilize it, having had to overdose on LiNKER to first establish the connection but then able to maintain it with more controlled dosages. This results in her having much greater raw power than any Armed Gears due to Gungnir's superior power, but saddling her with a time limit before her synchronization drops. Raine's reliance on the then-unrefined LiNKER would eventually have killed her from the strain on her body, but she died much sooner after needing to use her Swan Song, which with her failing compatibility was enough to kill her.

After singing her song and died, the gear mysteriously disappear out of thin air. A few years had passed, Sky Feder are still searching for the gear.

Activation Tune

Croitzall Ronzell Gungnir zillz
The earthly secret shield of Gungnir's wish

Gungnir's Activation Song


Raine's Armed Gear is a long red/scarlet and silver spear with a gold blade, which is actually two blades arranged in a cross shape forming from her forearms armors. It can be utilized as a sword due to its shape, but serves primarily as a lance or spear.


Gungnir is a spear owned by Odin, god of the Norse Mythology. It was said that the spear will never misses and always kills its target. According to Ynglinga Saga 9, Gungnir was the sacred weapon on which oaths were sworn and treaties were agreed. By the use of Gungnir, Odin pierced his side when he offered himself on the world tree Yggdrasil.


  • Gungnir is a relic from Symphogear TV Series.
  • It was rold to be a Armed Gear in B-Daman Firemerge but its not.