Gunner Arano
Kanji 荒野 グン 
Romaji Arano Gun
Dubbed Gunner Arano
Character Profile
Gender Male ♂
Age 12
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Occupation/s B-Shot
Football player
B-Daman Thunder Bison
Status Alive
Japanese CV Yoshinori Sonobe
English CV Spike Spencer

Gunner Arano is a character in B-Daman Crossfire. His B-Daman is a Power-Type Thunder Bison. He served as a supporting character through the series, he's Basara's childhood friend. He appears briefly in B-Daman Firemerge (Story), in FBE22 and the end of FBE26.


Arano (荒野) - means Lit.Rough Field

Gun (グン -群-) - means herd

Official Bio

A B-Shot hailing from the North Block.

His B-Daman, Thunder Bison, can deliver a super-charged Power Shot.

A famous football player in North City with trademark dreadlocks, he is also Basara’s childhood friend.


Gun is a tall and well-built young man with a tanned skin and brown eyes. His most defining feature is his dreadlocks. He wears a tribal necklace, a black shirt with colored stripes and a mustard yellow sports pants.


He is a very friendly and strong character, as seen in the Wild West GP he was able to push a bull with his bare hands. He also eats a lot like Yuki. He also has a mind for justice and cares a lots about Basara.

In the Japanese version, he has the habit of speaking English such as "No problem!


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