Jenta Kokuji
Kanji 闇黒寺 ゲンタ
Romaji Ankokuji Genta
Dubbed Jenta Kokuji
Character Profile
Gender Male ♂
Age 11
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Purple
Occupation/s B-Shot
Northern B-Master
Status Alive
Japanese CV Takuma Terashima
English CV Stewart Cummings
Driving order tens of thousands of its time, Dashing Tankshell!

Jenta unleashing Tankshell's emblem shot

Jenta Kokuji is a former antagonist who appears in the anime series, B-Daman Fireblast. He is Crestland's Northern B-Master who was previously brainwashed by Roma Godai until he lost to his younger brother, Kamon Day. Jenta's B-Daman is the Black Tortoise of the North; Dashing Tankshell.


Ankokuji (闇黒寺) - Dark Black Temple


Jenta is of a large build, with green eyes and shaggy, violet hair with an orange highlight. He is clad in a dark-green tee over a black short-sleeved undershirt; beneath the tee-shirt is yellow one, creating three layers of his wear. He uses a a black and orange belt supported by a silver buckle alongside orange pants in a camouflage pattern. Lastly, he dons purple and white sneakers.


Jenta is a B-Shot who pushes himself over the limit; somewhat of a "try-hard" who seems to harbor a love for exercising, judging from his build and his debut in a fitness room. He turns stern and serious at times, like in his battle with Bakuga Shira, and when he comes in contact with other people. He also has a habit of saying "Roger!" in reference to another person or such.

His B-Daman, Dashing Tankshell, often refers to him under a "Boss" moniker.


  • The "Gen-" prefix in his name comes from Genbu, the Japanese name for the Black Tortoise of the North, on which Dashing Tankshell is based on.
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