Official Bio

Jenta is the Northern B-Master and he partnered with Dashing Tankshell.

He works under the Grand B-Master along with Bakuga. Prior to being brainwashed by the Grand B-Master, Jenta Kokuji was Bakuga Shira's close friend.

B-Daman Fireblast


Jenta makes his debut

At a gym, Jenta Kokuji rigorously exercised with his B-Daman, Dashing Tankshell. After his extreme fitness, he used his strength to test-drive his B-Daman through target practice; grabbed Tankshell to issue its Emblem Charge: "Storm Dark Inferno".

A burst of Rapid-Fire successfully knocked down all EZ Targets but he was subsequently interrupted by Ryoma Godai. When the Northern B-Master reported to the Grand B-Master, the latter revealed how Bakuga Shira was in an area close to Jenta's current location. The utter of Bakuga's name only shocked Jenta and Tankshell.


Jenta departs

Jenta left the gymnasium in search of Bakuga, whom was with Derek Watari. Bakuga was surprised by Jenta's appearance as the Northern and Western B-Masters engaged in a Road Fight. The game was set as Surge Strike and the two past friends fought with Dashing Tankshell taking on Kreis Raydra. At first, Bakuga gained the upper-hand when Derek lent Supreme Tigare to create "Perfect Kreis Raydra" with its "White Tiger Lightning God Slash" eCharge.

Jenta was able to counterattack by equipping the Dash Stabilizer and effectively forming "Dash Dashing Tankshell" to utilize its "Infinite Dark Inferno" eCharge. With this, Genta came out as the winner when he spoke few words to Bakuga and departed.

Jenta later reported to his father on a request.

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