Ken Ogami
Kanji 拝 カゲロウ -影狼-
Romaji Ogami Kagerou
Dubbed Ken Ogami
Character Profile
Gender Male ♂
Age 11
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Red
Occupation/s B-Shot
Road B-Shot (Former)
Status Alive
Japanese CV Wataru Hatano
English CV David A. Kaye
Ken Ogami is a protagonist appearing in the anime series, B-Daman Fireblast. His B-Daman is the Power-Type Detonate Wolg. He is a Blacklist B-Shot (Black B-Shot for short), having had his qualification to compete in the Road Fight was revoked by Bakuga Shira, and continued participating without authorization.


Ogami (拝) - Worship

Kagerou (カゲロウ) - means Shadow Wolf


Ken is tall boy with grey hair that resemble a tail which his hair is push to his left side and has a pair of reddish-brown eyes. He wears a short sleeved blue shirt with light colored buttons, grey pants with red belts, that is connected to suspenders and a pair of maroon colored boots.


Ken is an un-trusting lone wolf, preferring to do things on his own, with the incredible power of his Detonate Wolg at his side. He follows a code he dubs the "Commandments of the Stray Wolves", and is also prideful of his ability as a player. Initially, he didn't believe in the power of friendship, due to an incident in his past, but as the series goes on, he slowly began warming up to Kamon Day and Misuru Hachuka, but still a bit on the serious side. He also bears a grudge towards the Western B-Master of Crestland, Bakuga Shira, having fought him in a Road Fight challenge of an unspecified nature, and lost. Ken is also a fast eater, as seen on ES011. He even found it funny for Simon Sumiya to be afraid of girls, as evidenced when he was seen stifling his laughter in ES020.


  • He notably shares his Japanese voice actor, Wataru Hatano, with Dashan Wang from Beyblade.


  • "I live by the third law of stray wolves, I'm a wolf soldier who craves loneliness and freedom. Wolg and I are both under no control of any B-Master." (To Hagataki, Episode 7)
  • "How pathetic. Have you already forgotten what you guys did to me and Wolg before?!" (To his former friend, Episode 7)
  • "I live by the sixth law of stray wolves, and now you have dug your own grave. if you want me to listen to you then you have to fight me and when you lose, you better go back to the South Area!" (To Kamon, Episode 7)
  • "Don't compare to me and Wolg. Now get lost. I don't want to see your face ever again." (To Kamon, Episode 7)
  • "I live by the second law of stray wolves, certain death awaits those who talk so foolishly about friendship. Will you rather run away in fear?" (To Mitsuru, Episode 8)
  • "HOW DARE YOU! Playing nice friends, huh? I...I'LL NEVER FORGIVE THEM!!!" (Berserked, To Mitsuru and friends, Episode 8)
  • "I live by the first law of stray wolves, I will never again believe in friends." (To Mitsuru and Friends, Episode 8)
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