Night Hydranoid
General Information
Kanji ナイト=ヒュドラ
Romaji Naito Hyudora
Dubbed Night Hydranoid
User/s Rimai Shima
Special Move/s Auragano Revenge
Destruction Quasar
First Appearance EC008
Japanese CV Izo Oikawa
English CV Robert Tinkler

Night Hydranoid is one of the "Eleven Dragons" of Chrome City with the "The Dark Dragon of Nightmare" as its b-animal. It is a rapid fire-type B-daman and currently owned by Rimai Fujisaki.


In he original form, he walks on four legs, has three purple teeth jutting out from his upper jaw, and a long neck and tail. It also has pink spines running from the middle of its neck to about the end of its tail, which somewhat resembles the tail of a stegosaurus. In addition to this, he has a large pink horn on its nose and red eyes. It also has the starting of the blade in the center of its chest although it cannot move yet.

Its entire body is composed of a highly intelligent, independent cell structure. His tail can be a very dangerous weapon along with his bite and power blasts.


Hydranoid's personality is to be very mean spirited dragon b-daman and has a great loyalty to his owner, Rimai. Even though he has a good friend relationship with the b-damans of Rimai's siblings, especially Wavern whose is Rinne's b-daman. After the siblings and Riki them make up, he gets along well around with Raydra.

Notable B-Daman Parts

Head Part

Emblem Parts

Arms Parts

Stud Parts

Leg Parts


Hydranoid - is based off the Hydra, a monster of Greek Mythology, that had the body of a serpent and multiple heads.


  • As Alpha Hydranoid/Dual Hydranoid Bakugan form he is able to speak from each head as opposed to its form when only one can.
  • When Hydranoid first appeared his voice was high and human-like.