Novu Moru
Kanji 焔ナオヤ
Romaji Homura Naoya
Dubbed Novu Moru
Character Profile
Gender Male ♂
Age 12
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Green
Occupation/s B-Shot
Special Staff of WBMA
Vassal of Roma (Briefly)
B-Daman Strike Dragren (CF)
Force Dragren (eS)
Status Alive
Japanese CV Chihiro Suzuki
English CV Steve Staley

Novu Moru is a character appearing in the anime and manga series, B-Daman Crossfire. His B-Daman is the Legendary Red Dragon, Strike Dragren. He returns in B-Daman Fireblast with his B-Daman upgraded to Force Dragren.


Homura (焔) - means Blaze or Flames in Japanese.

Naoya (ナオヤ) - either mean Eponym (名祖) or the Kanji phrase meaning "Is it so mischievious?" (直哉); the latter of which nonetheless speaks about his cunning nature.


Novu is a tall, well-dressed boy with silver hair and green eyes. He has thin eyebrows and has mid length downed hair. He wears several layers of dress shirts layered from back to front; black, white and blue. He wears crimson red khakis and pearl white shoes.


Novu is cool, collected, but not as serious as Samuru, and is polite to even the least talented B-Shots. He is also a genius in everything that's got to do with B-Damans, and can even create them (especially with Double Drazeros).

However, this polite and civil demeanor was a cover for his true nature; Deep down, Novu was a patient schemer and manipulator with a superiority complex, cold, ignorant of other's people feelings (which caused him to underestimate Riki and Rudy at some points), and uncaring of B-Daman as a game, only seeing it as a way to achieve the perfection he sought. It can be noted that Novu never had any fun, but that didn't mean that he had a troubled past, he believed that winning over anything he deems imperfect is all that mattered. In episode 25 of B-Daman Crossfire, however, after getting advice from Basara Kurochi and subsequently battling Riki and having fun from it, Novu had a change of heart.

In B-Daman Fireblast, he is still a patient schemer, but uses his cunning to help his allies against the Grand B-Master, Roma Day, having also proven to be an effective spy in the process. This time, he actually enjoyed putting his skills to good use.


  • He shares the same English voice actor (Steve Staley AKA Steve Cannon) with Enjyu from Battle B-Daman.
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