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Shul Shagana
Shul Shagana 2
General Information
Kanji シュルシャガナ
Romaji Shuru Shagana
Dubbed Shul Shagana
User/s Hime Tsuko

Shul Shagana is the sixth classified Armed Gear that is clad by Hime Tsuko. Its weaponry focus on buzz-like saws and its counterpart is Igalima.

General Informations

Activation Song


Hime's Armed Gear is unusual in that it is not hand-carried, but rather consists of buzz saw discs of varying sizes hidden in the rabbit ear-like compartments/loaders on her head. In addition to this, the armors that attached on her shoes each contain a buzz saw-like wheel which she can use as roller blades.


Shul Shagana (Šulšagana) and Igalima are the children of Zababa and Ningirsu (the main god of the pantheon of the city-state of Lagaš) of the Sumerian god mythology.



  • Shul Shagana is a relic from Symphogear TV Series.
  • If you were to put Hime's and Kirina's (or Shirabe's and Kirika's from the series) battle songs together, they would be in perfect sync. This would make sense seeing as that both of their gears are based on blades used by the Sumerian god Zababa. They have sung the remix song of their battle songs, Edge Works of Goddess ZABABA.