World B-Daman Association
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『The front door of WBMA
General Information
Dubbed WBMA
World B-Daman Association
Ruled by Saneatsu Tenpouin
Status Active
World B-Daman Association or better known as WBMA is a organization that involved in Crossfire and b-daman.

General InformationEdit

Every b-daman are created here.

Few years ago, the WBMA found a mysteries crystal called the "B-Crystal" that contained b-animals. To uncover the mysteries, the WBMA first secretly held Crossfire. To every b-shots who has a b-daman who had mind and talk, they will participant this sports and uncover the mysteries.

When Basara Kurochi attacked the B-Crystal, the WBMA had no choice to revealed Crossfire to all over the world. Now Crossfire had become a popular and fun sports to participant.


  • Riki Ryugasaki - The Overrall Champion of Crossfire
  • Samuru Shigami - The King of Rapid-fire
  • Basara Kurochi
  • Novu Moru - The staff and brillilant
  • Yuki Washimura
  • Hugo Raidoh
  • Simon Sumiya
  • Asuka Kami - A role model
  • Gunner Arano
  • Kaito Samejima
  • Grizz Sukino
  • Reggie Mak
  • Derek Watari


  • Sumi Inaba - Special Supporter
  • Gennosuke Shigami - The Archeologist
  • Greg Day
  • Himiko Day - Archeologist
  • Kamon Day - The Grand B-Master of Crestland
  • Ken Ogami
  • Bakuga Shira - The Shira Coorperation
  • Jenta Kokuji - The B-Master of the North
  • Misuru Hachuka
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